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Writing That Makes Sense
As your child first learns to write, his stories may not always make sense to others. Use these 2 ideas to build a love of writing:
1. Have your child tell you their story and you jot down the ideas.
2. Ask your child questions and encourage him to add details.
    Student school attendance each day is critical to student learning. Students who participate consistently in the learning process are more successful learners.

    Absence from school should only be due to an illness, family emergencies or medical appointment. Please return children to school after the appointment.

    Daily Instructional Time:
    ELA – 90 minutes
    Math – 70 minutes
    Writers’ Workshop – 30-50 minutes
    Science Social Studies 45 minutes.
    Reteach 30 minutes
  • Mission Statement
    Fall Brook School, through its partnership with families and community, is committed to challenging each child to develop his or her unique potential.

    Each child shall be provided with a safe, welcoming and innovative environment that fosters educational, social, emotional, and physical development.

    The Fall Brook community shall strive to make the school a place where every individual experiences a sense of belonging, and the feeling of being valued and treated fairly.
  • Building Highlights
    The Fall Brook School is an elementary school in the southern district that houses grades K-5

    • Facility built in 1966
    • Facility size 70,032 square feet
    • 33 classrooms, gym, library, art, music, administrative and health offices and a cafeteria with a stage
    • Staff: 52 teachers, 4 custodians, 2 secretaries, 26 instruction tutors and/or aides
    • Internet Access
    • 1 Computer Lab
  • Program Highlights
    ● Climbing Unit in Physical Education
    ● Parent Teacher Organization
    ● Fall Brook PTO Scholarship
    ● Thomas Pecorelli Scholarship
    ● Before and After School Child Care Program
    ● One Special Education (SpEd) Teachers
    ● English as a Second Language Program (ESL)
    ● EIC “Using the Environment as a Context for Learning” in conjunction with the Massachusetts Frameworks, to teach curriculum
  • Vision Statement
    The vision of Fall Brook School is to prepare all students who enter our learning community with the skills, experiences, and knowledge to advance to the next level of their education. The students will demonstrate proficiency within a data-driven, standards-based curriculum.

    Fall Brook School will:
    ● meet or exceed state standards in all subject areas
    ● measure students’ proficiency through MCAS, standardized assessments, and classroom formative assessments
    ● focus on high quality, standards-based, differentiated instruction in all subject areas
    ● assess students’ progress continually utilizing a collection of quarterly data in Mathematics and Language Arts in order to inform instruction
  • School Hours
    8:45 am - 3:15 pm (Early Release is at 12:00)